Download our Registration and General Booking forms


For your child/children to attend the Sunshine Club, please download our registration forms. Just print off all the forms, fill out your details and return to Bradfield Sunshine Club (address can be found on out Contact Us page)



If your child has allergies or medical needs we made to discuss this with you further.

If your child has no medical needs please complete medical forms with Not Applicable.

If you wish your child to attend on a regular basis please complete the booking form. Irregular, occasional and short notice bookings can be made by contacting the Playleader once your child is registered.


Any permission forms relating to upcoming events will be posted for you to download closer to the date.


If you have any questions relating to the above forms, or any other general enquiries, please contact Our playleader on or 07946634694.

Bradfield Sunshine Club | Registered Charity Number: 1092783 | Telephone: 07946634694 | Email: