About Us

Who are we? What do we do?


The Sunshine Club is full of activities for children of all abilities and interests. We have no computer "games", instead we encourage their imagination through creative toys, such as Lego, Harma Beads, dressing up, role play toys from shops keepers, to first aiders, to hairdressesers, action figures, marble run, board games and much more. We go out in the play park when the weather is nice and have indoor sports equipment when the weather isn't. We will sit and help with homework if your child asks and happily leave them in peace and quiet if they want to disappear into a good book.


How long has the Sunshine Club been running?


Our club opened in September 2001.

Our clubs ethos


Our belief is to run a club with a home from home atmosphere, meaning we offer

the chance for children to chill out, relax and have fun with their friends.


We run topics now and then such as awareness weeks, for example; Disability

Awareness, we brought in wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, we had industrial

ear muffs (to replicate hard of hearing), we then ask the children to follow simple

instructions, e.g we asked the children to see how they would manoeuvre round

the shop using the walking aids, making their snack wearing a blind fold etc....


Medical Awareness; for this we talk about what happens in hospital, we plastered

arms, looked at x-rays we also invited paramedics with an ambulance for our children

to look around.


Awareness of our Surroundings; we went to Rushall Farm looking at creatures that

live in our woods. The children took photos of their finds. E.g spiders, worms,

snails.....we then invited a lady who brought in creatures which live in other

countries. We compared the difference in sizes, colours and textures.


We encourage children to take part in our topics, but it is their choice to

do so...


Where is the club held?


We are based in Bradfield Village Hall Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

where we have a wide selection of age appropriate toys, games, sport equipment and arts and craft materials.


With supervision the children also have access to the play ground and park.


We run Thursday sessions at Bradfield Primary School. On this night we have our DVD night where we watch an age apropriate DVD and have a picnic type snack.


Do we offer a snack?


We offer the children a substantial snack, and a piece of fruit with drinks accessible throughout the session. We feel children are starving at the end of the day and need this boost to see them through to tea time. We like to work closely with parents to ensure we uphold any dietary needs a child may have.

Bradfield Sunshine Club | Registered Charity Number: 1092783 | Telephone: 07946634694 | Email: sunshineclubleader@gmail.com